…Always Another One Coming


Richard Branson said opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.  And if opportunities are anything like some of the Metro buses here in LA, they run 24 hours.  Which means you got all damn day to get from where you are to where you need/want to be.

Are you happy where you’re at? Is your boss treating you all right? Is working for $15/hr for the next year or two okay with you? Do you like being the one who always has to answer the phones? Like being the first one who has to open or the last one who has to close? Are you okay with that “Assistant” title you obviously spent 4 years in college for? Are you content with having spent all that money on a degree you ain’t even using?

I know what it’s like to settle. Settle for any job. Settle for any pay. Settle for any work location.  Settle for any work environment.  Settle for any employer.  Until I realized I had a lot offer and a lot more chances than I thought to offer them. So does everyone else.

There’s no such thing as “second chances”.  They’re just called chances.


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