Get Away From Your Experience

Too often too many of us focus on our years of experience in our past employment positions.  5 years in management, 3 years in customer service, 7 years in retail sales, 4 years in accounting, and blah blah blah.  Your prospect employer only cares so much about how many years you racked up.  Remember, all businesses and organizations exists to make money, not to collect employees.  Your years on a job only translates you know how do the job.  You need to take those years of experience and communicate you know how to do the job exceedingly well.

What good is your years of customer service experience if you still need to get your manager to resolve every other customer issue?

Look at your experience as how have you helped/supported/contributed to your company while you were there.  That’s what matters the most.  If a company is going to hire you, your 10 years of experience needs to speak value.  Anyone can be trained to do a job. But not everyone can bring value.

Add that to your résumé.  Add that to your interview.


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