Résumé Booster — Bookkeeping Certificate

Math (and maybe English) is the only subject in school has real world application.  But only certain math knowledge because I have never ever paid for my groceries with geometry or had to use the volume of a sphere equation to let me know those oranges were a  good deal.  Point being, math is always good to have under your belt.  Especially, accounting.  All businesses have hired an accountant, a bookkeeper or use some sort of accounting program.  With this certificate offered through Los Angeles City College Community Classes program, you have something to slap on your resume that employers actually need.  And you’ll learn Quickbooks, a proper industry tool.

Class stars on January 17th and starts at 8:30am.  Pack yourself a lunch, your ass is going to be there a while.  Cost of the class:  $135.00.  A small investment for better employment opportunities.  To sign up and look into it further, click here.


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