Take That Entitled Stick Out Of Your —


…ass! No one owes you a job just because you went to college! That belief system is over and done with.  A college education only gives us an advantage of getting a job, it’s not a guarantee to a job.

I understand Sarah’s frustration. Shortly after I graduated, I spent a year and a half looking for a decent job. I had to odd-job it in the meantime.  I had to let my car’s insurance expire, couldn’t renew my registration, continue to defer my student loans, moved in with mom.  None of that shit felt good. And that kind of waiting and wondering builds feelings of resentment and anger.  You’re angry at everyone who keeps telling you “just give it time”.  You start resenting the fact you ever went to school. Being in debt and jobless doesn’t help you a damn bit.

But neither does a bad attitude.  Or a sense of entitlement.  You ain’t owed shit!!! And the moment we as college graduates (hey, I was there at one point, too) get that into our heads, we can job hunt better. Because now we start looking at ourselves as proof. Proof of our skills, proof of our knowledge.  Proof that we will be valuable to that company.  Proof means we have to illustrate how we are all these things by stating what we have contributed in the past to other places of employment and organizations. We need to start what we can offer and accomplish at our next job, by what we’ve already accomplished with others, including earning that damn degree.

And I challenge Miss Upset-With-The-World to do the same thing.


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