Résumé Booster — CompTIA Training

All right, ladies and gents.  Brad’s Deal has another résumé boosting opportunity for those looking to expand their career choices.  It’s still early in 2015.  Jump on it!  (I’ve Sir-Mix-A-Lot in my head).

Get access to a CompTIA authorized CompTIA Complete Training Bundle for $95 with our exclusive deal at LearnSmart. This training bundle includes 12-months online access to 22 courses in CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Network+ totaling over 50 hours of training. The lowest price we could find for all 3 of these comprehensive introductory and training courses was $1,441 when taken together. These network hardware, protocol and security courses include lectures, study guides, labs and pre and post assessments that prepare you for the CompTIA certification tests that are required for becoming an IT professional. You’ll receive a certificate of master upon completion and there is no sales tax.

Plan to work in technology at anytime in the future? CompTIA is where most people start. The CompTIA A+ gives IT pros the skills they need to master the technology basics. From networking hardware and protocols to client virtualization and network security; A+ pulls no punches in preparing you for a well rounded IT career. Add CompTIA’s Network+ and Security+ for advanced wireless networking and security attack prevention and your resume is well stocked to a successful and lucrative career in IT.

CompTIA is a non-profit, vendor neutral organization whose goal is to further the global interests of IT professionals around the world. Get the CompTIA Complete Training Bundle and get the skill you need for your future in Information technology.

[*information above is credited to LearnSmart]

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