True Story: $16 and a Job Lost

At the time, I was working for a home infusion pharmacy.  For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a specialty pharmacy that caters to patients who are bed-ridden and/or have their drugs administered to them at their home (kind of like an out-patient treatment for those prescribed top-of the-line drugs). I had been at this place for maybe two months.  I was still learning everyone and getting a feel for the place.  I had been warned a few times about one particular employee, who was notorious for asking to  “borrow”  money from her co-workers.  Luckily for me, I never had the pleasure.

One day, Miss Notorious-for -Borrowing is confronted by a fellow co-worker who she  borrowed money from and hadn’t pay paid yet.

BACK STORY:  Miss Notorious-for-Borrowing had asked one of the pharmacists to borrow $10 because she needed to put gas in her car (yes, Miss Notorious was a full time employee, which means she had a full-time income, so she really shouldn’t have been borrowing from nobody).  The pharmacist told Miss Notorious that she didn’t have any cash, but that she would lend Miss Notorious her debit card to put gas in her tank.  The agreed upon terms was that Miss Notorious could only spend $10 and she had to pay the pharmacist back by the next pay period.  As you can guess, Miss Notorious had spent $16 and still hadn’t paid that back 2 months later.

So the day came when the pharmacist decided that she was going to get her money.  No one should take 2 months to pay back $16.  That didn’t make any sense.  But neither did giving someone your bank card, but whatever.  The pharmacist took her break and went to go find Miss Notorious and asked her when she was going to get her money back.  Miss Notorious told the pharmacist, “You’ll get your money back when I give it you.”  Now, I don’t know how this comment and the spat that followed led to the two women in the office of the Administrator, who was the right hand of the owner of the company.  Needless to say, two grown ass women did not need to being bringing their personal financial drama to the office place for all to know.  After stepping foot in the Administrator’s office, they excused themselves outside to further resolve this matter.

There’s was no talking.  There was no coming to an agreement.  There was no settling the balance.  One account said that the pharmacist threw the first swing.  Another said, Miss Notorious pushed the pharmacist which led her to start swinging.  Either way, the women fought, literally outside the company doors on Motor Avenue in West L.A.  Ho-ly Hell!  Yes, the manager called the cops.  Yes, the cops came and escorted both women off the property after being allowed to retrieved their personal belongings.  And yes, both of them lost their jobs over $16.


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