What to Share in the Cover Letter

Whenever I work on someone’s cover letter, I send questions.  A whole bunch of freaking questions.  And I want — and expect — in depth.  Because it helps me write someone’s cover letter better.  It helps me see their career aspirations through their eyes.  Which of course, helps me write it so that prospect employers can see their potential and turn a candidate into an employee.  But they gotta answer the questions.  As thoroughly as the can and as best the can.  Below, is snip-let of an email conversation taken from a recent client, a Cal State student who’s looking forward to one day being a teacher (props to her, because that’s another career I know I could  never take on!)


At the moment I am looking for jobs working hands on with children, to gain the needed experience.

  • Where do you hope to be in five years from now and why?  What kind of advancement are you looking for?

Five years from now I hope to be settled in my career/profession. If I am working with a company that offers advancement then I of course would like to grow and advance within the company.

  • Have you had the chance to talk to friends or family who worked in this industry?  Did they stories they shared excite or worry you about this profession?

Yes. Their stories have always exited me and made me feel more interested in pursuing this profession.  The type of non-monetary gains they would talk about having and how much they love getting up every day to do their work.  

  • What do you think will be the hardest obstacle for you to overcome in this industry/career? Why is that? Are you prepared?

Teachers and people in the education profession are undervalued.  The people working in the education profession play a key role in helping to raise other people’s children. Besides home, in school is where they spend most of their time and find additional support, learning, inspiration, and values etc. I believe people in the profession should be more valued because parent s are essentially trusting their children’s lives (education, safety, growth, development, and future likely hood) in them. 


I don’t like the saying: “Those who can’t do, teach” because in order to teach you have to know how to do something. The people that teach are the ones that make it possible for those that do, to do those things

  • What’s your long term goal(s)?

To work with children in a classroom setting, in an after school program, or boys and girls club.  

  • When you think of your mission or purpose in life, is a job like this on or off that track? If off, how are you reconciling it to your personal mission?

I always felt my purpose in life was to work with children in ways that I am able to inspire them and help them believe in themselves when others do not. To create strong foundations for them in their younger years to support them in their future.

  • If you could spend the rest of life doing what you love most, what b would that be/ look like?

Working with children, teaching/ after school programs/ boys and girls club/ coaching/ dancing. All of these things wrapped in one, are the things I love and would be happy doing for the rest of my life. 


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