You Can’t Afford It

Why can’t you afford it?

Has inflation driven the price so high that the cost is more than the value?

Or do you not make enough money?

Is it because you cannot fathom spending another hard earned dollar on something so frivolous and trivial that will be out fashion by the time you purchase it?

Or did you just have enough to cover the rent and bills this month?

Is it so beneath your perception of quality, luxury and elevation that the concept of actually owning it would cause you to look down your nose at your own self?

Or are you just broke?

See, we attached our own value to what’s in our pockets. And we attach what’s in our pockets to a job and an income, whether we like what it is or not. We say we can’t afford it because  we haven’t  broken up with the belief of connectivity: our jobs, our money, us.

If we would change just one link in that belief system, we could afford it.  Understand, however, everything in. That link is limited. Even us. Or so we think.


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