Boss Moves


Let’s get one thing straight: working for multiple — multiple employers — is nothing boss about it. One boss (who is not you) is more than enough.

But creating multiple income streams — that has “boss moves” written all of over it!  And if you’re currently employed or under – employed, as wonderful as that may sound to, you probably have little to no idea how to go about creating another income stream or think, if by doing so, you’re just creating another job for yourself.

Work is work, whether you work for yourself or you someone else.  And I’m firm believer if you’re going to put that much time into something, put it into you.

But how do you make boss moves when you’re still working for someone else?

This is the one of the few times I’ll ask you to email me @

Because you’re  going  to need to have the time (or make the time) and find a need or a skill.

When emailing, please give me your  first name, what you do for a living currently and state that you’re responding to this post.  Then we’ll  seen what kind of boss moves you begin to make.


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