Do You Feel Valued At Your Job?


Probably not if you’re looking for another one. But do you wrap all your value in your paycheck? If your boss or company isn’t paying what you think  you’re  worth or what you want to be paid, are you not valued?

Before you answer that question, look at job title, what you do at your place of work, size yourself against others, then asked yourself that question. Because in business, you’ve got to bring value in order to pay for your value.

And being valued isn’t going to be wrapped up in your paycheck either:

– Do you have a voice? Can you make complaints and suggestions without fear of repercussions?
– Can you ask for that promotion, that raise, or that transfer without fear of being mocked, ignored, or overlooked?
– Is your opinion welcomed? In meetings, is just your superior(s) talking or do they want to hear what the rest of the team has to say?
– Can you escalate an issue without being singled out?
– Are you permitted to purse professional development opportunities without fear from the company you might leave?

Are you valued?


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