Self-Employment Opportunity: Animal Psychology Course

I know nothing about animals or animal psychology, but if you’ve ever been interested in working with animals and people’s pets, Groupon has an offer you might be interested.  There are dog groomers, dog walkers and dog walkers.  This is just another element of the pet care kingdom.  And probably with a better dollar sign.  Check it out.  Only $19!

The Deal

This course is popular with groomers, veterinary technicians, animal trainers, and pet owners. Students work their way through 11 online modules the delve into the psychology behind the behavior of dogs, cats, and rabbits. They’ll learn how to relate to animals and how to resolve or reduce undesirable behaviors. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course. More info can be found here. Accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards.

Holly and Hugo

If grooming your pooch seems like an onerous task, a video tutorial from Holly and Hugo might be the answer. Designed for dog owners and professional-groomers-in-training alike, Holly and Hugo’s dog-grooming courses make it easy to keep fur trimmed, nails neat, and tails from wagging backwards. Over the course of eight modules that cover such topics as safety procedures, bathing, and anatomy, pupils will learn all of the in-depth tricks of the grooming trade through easy-to-follow online videos. The course caters to dog breeds of all sorts.

The course was conceived by professional dog groomer Tolo Vicens, whose résumé includes numerous international grooming awards, and it is accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards. As president and commissioner of the Association of Canine Stylists, Balearics, Tolo is at the forefront of grooming techniques and trends.

Students have 24/7 access to their course for 45 consecutive days and can study whenever it’s convenient for them in order for them to complete the course and receive certification. Other course offerings include Dog Walking and Pet Sitting and Animal Psychology.


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