Self-Employment Opportunity — Ceramics & Pottery

Again, another great opportunity for those with artistic abilities or those you wish they had artistic abilities.  There’s a studio in Long Beach that will provide a group or one-on-one lessons on how to turn clay into a beautiful sellable vase.  Well, that’s I how I see it.  And maybe you do too.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to have your art work tangibly sitting in someone’s home.  This Groupon offer is a great way to get the jump on that idea.  Who knows.  Maybe you’ll create one-of-kind sought after pieces.

Choose Between Two Options

Groups of five must call (562) 495-4362 or email to arrange their own class time.


“The thing I like most about pottery is that it’s a learned skill,” says Clay Wood, the owner of the pottery studio that bears his name. “It’s something you can just sit down, and practice, and just learn it. You don’t have to be innately artsy or creative, it’s just something that’s learnable and fun for everyone.”

It’s true that Clay has had a bit of a head start in the art form: he began developing his classically harmonious ceramic forms starting at age 12. But he also knows what it’s like to be just another weekend hobbyist. Before starting the shop, he had established a career managing high-rise condos while dreamily spinning his desk chair like a pottery wheel. Now that he’s dug his hands back into the clay, he and his fellow instructors design adult and children’s classes to meet the needs of aspiring ceramicists and more casual crafters alike.

All the throwing, glazing, and hand-building goes down in a colorful creativity zone bursting with incandescent designs. The studio is equipped with eight electric pottery wheels, two large hand-building tables, an entrancing in-wall kiln, and a wellspring of stunning glazes for both handmade projects and prepared forms awaiting only a painter’s brush.


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