True Story: Ready, Aim, Fired!

Losing a Coworker

Losing a Coworker 2


Coworkers come and go.  That’s just the nature of the workplace.  Simply because employees come and go.  That’s the nature of business.  But I remember this one time where a co-worker of mine was fired and nothing was said formally about my upper management.  I had gotten wind that he had gotten fire moments after the fact, but it was all hearsay until 4 days later.  And I thought it was really strange, the manner in which he was let go.

I remember the day vividly.  It was a Friday,end of day.  I myself had another hour to go before I welcomed the weekend.  And I remember seeing this co-worker — the one who was fired — leaving the back offices (where all the managers and directors were) with his head down headed straight for the door.  No goodbye, no ‘See you Monday’.  All very uncharacteristic.   But I brushed it off because I figured it was Friday and he was trying to get the hell of there.  Well, no shit, apparently.  One of the people in his department told a mutual friend in the office that he wouldn’t be coming back.  And when this mutual friend told me, I didn’t believe.  Why would he leave and not say something?

Apparently word had traveled fast because another coworker who had left the day an prior, had heard too.  What the hell?!  Speculation and text paraded all weekend long.  Then finally, Monday came.   Nothing said.   His desk, empty.  No one brought it  up, no one dared mentioned it.   Tuesday arrived.  And there  was someone new.  Very hard not to notice.  And after a few double takes, it was whispered that so -and- so would not be coming back and for the moment, we had a temp in his place.  After almost 4 years at the company, he was quietly ushered out and never spoken of again.

Never again.

I mean, his company picture was taken down.  He was removed from the birthday list.  Gone.  Like he didn’t even existed.

But the rumor of him messing up with accounting and payroll quickly diminished when other rumors started to surface.  Rumors like, her challenged his superior, who obviously didn’t like that and no longer liked him and found a way to gradually get rid of him.  Whether either rumor was true or not, he was gone.  Him and his 4 years of service.  Him and relationships with his coworkers and clients.


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