The Employment Gaps

I remember applying for this job some time ago in which the first step was a phone interview. And like every other phone interview, the interviewee has your résumé and wants to review it to make sure you’re a viable candidate. And I remember the woman over the phone. At first she was pleasant.  But then she started to get a little upset as she was trying to have me explain why I didn’t have any months on my résumé.  It was just from one year to another.

There was an article I read at the time that stated if you had any employment gaps, you wanted to deflect away from that by just putting the years. The recruiter on the phone with me did NOT like that.  I was apparently making her job harder. Don’t know how the hell I was, but I guess.

And I when I didn’t give her the answer she was looking for, she became down right aggressive. I felt attacked. I hadn’t even gotten the job to mess up yet and she was already in the process of giving me a piece of her mind.

I stopped her in the middle of the interview. Thanked her so much for her time to speak with me over the phone. Told her I was no longer interested in the position. Then hung up. 

Oh, there was obviously no follow up or call back. Why would  there be? I stopped thingd before they could really derail.  If this was the treatment I was receiving as a candidate, I could only imagine what it would’ve been like to actually work for them.

My employment gaps. Anyone’s employment gaps.  There will always be some and employers need to accept that fact. If any candidate is always able to find a job immediately after leaving another, it should them wonder if that employee was already looking. Were they planning on leaving as soon as something better opened up? Are they planning on leaving your company as soon as something better comes along? That should be a red flag.

Employment gaps shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of, but we’re made to feel ashamed of them. It’s better, so it seems, that we leave one company, dispite what loyalty may lie there, than to go without working for whatever length of time.

Employment gaps are a break from working, involuntarily or otherwise. Are employers trying to say that there no breaks permitted in the workplace?



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