Best Buy’s Hiring

Working — Identity — Belonging. There is something about being employed that gives us a sense of connectivity. As stated is this particular blog, being connected to society. For others, being connected to our aspirations and goals. For some, connected to wealth and prosperity. And as long as we’re working, we’re connected to the basic elements of what we either need or want.

One Day At a Time

I’m leaving for my mom’s soon.  A local Best Buy is also hiring so I just filled out an application there.  I’m calling them Monday morning and see if I can schedule an interview.  A job is of utmost importance for me.  I’m tired of being left purposeless.  I also want to get back out on my own, but that’s not a possibility until I manage to land a job.  I want to be responsible, but it’s impossible when nobody’s willing to give you a chance.  It’s frustrating to be left out towards society.  Yes!  I want to be apart of society again.  I don’t enjoy living like this, but I’m losing faith in myself and my abilities.  I wish things were different because this is not a way to live.  Should I stress how important it is that I find a job in hopes that there might be a…

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