Nothing To Work For


I screen shot this just a blip of this conversation because I thought it was both valid and insulting.

Valid, because yes, there are many people out there — young and old — who don’t want to work. Example: I have a relative who is in his 50’s — I think he’s 56 — who’s held one job in his entire life and that was over 25 years ago.  How was he making it? He was living off his mother.  Who was a retired teacher — someone you think would teach another the value of working and supporting yourself.

Insulting, because, I know dozens of young people who are grinding everyday to make something of  themselves. They’ve tried starting their own business from scratch, they’ve gone back to school, they’ve changed careers, they’ve picked a second or even a third job. They ain’t messing around. They have huge aims and nothing is going to stop them from getting there.

But the argument isn’t young people don’t like to work or older people don’t like to work. It’s a question of do people still understand the value of work?


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