7 Tips to successful job hunting

Well put. Job hunting shouldn’t just be about landing a job. But how that job will impact the other aspects of our lives, for we are not just our work. It’s important that we always consider what’s important to us, because that will be the deciding factor to what kinds of jobs we apply for and how long we stay at those jobs.



Sometimes searching for a job can feel like the cat in this video…

Job hunting can be exciting at times, bewildering at others, and often just plain exhausting – the clue is in the title. Unless you have a strategy to focus your job search you will find yourself going around in circles and, like the cat, giving up and deflated. With 665 possible occupational clusters to choose from, how do you refine your job search so as to ensure you can see the wood for the trees?

Here are some tips to help you ensure your job search is both productive and intelligent:

1. What is important to you?
Consider your work values as well as more practical elements – thinking of everything from what motivates you, what salary you need to earn, through to geographical location. In order to persuade a future employer that you are sure you…

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