Downside to Job Hunting: Unwanted Solicitation

It seems like everybody and they mama comes out of the woodwork when you applying for jobs online (which the primary the vast majority of people find and apply for jobs).  And the people/companies — bots, really — that you hear back from are never the one who actually want to hear from.  Normally, because they aren’t the ones you applied to.

Scammers, spammers, losers, f*ckers — call ’em what you want — it’s pretty pathetic that there are people behind this shit that it’s funny or advantageous to prey on those looking work.  When did job hunting equate to desperate and naive?  Besides, telemarketing has to be one of the worst jobs to have — ever! Yes, Farmer’s Insurance is a real company with real employees but when they start soliciting your attention with your permission, then they fall into the same category as other scammers.


Our goal is to help you sound professional on every aspect of our business here at  Farmers Insurance.

First, when you start with us you will have a one on one training on product knowledge.

We have a telemarketing team that can help you and train you on this aspect of getting new leads and appointments.

We even have people on our staff that will go out with you on a sale to help you close your deal. What more can you ask for? Right?

Finally, we have a great commission structure to start.

Give me a call so we can talk here. My number is 909-942-0281.

Guillermo Quesada
Office of Oscar Castaneda
3536 Concours St. Suite 220
Ontario, CA 91764
License#: OF26207

Don’t fall for the bullshit.  If you didn’t apply, don’t reply. (Makes you wonder, who sold you out) 


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