PEPFAR Country Coordinator — Ethiopia

Announcement No: PEPFAR-2015-0003
Position Title: PEPFAR Country Coordinator – Ethiopia
Open Period: 03/18/2015 – 04/15/2015
Series/Grade: FP-01
Salary: $101,630 – $132,122
Promotion Potential: FP-01
Duty Location: Ethiopia

Major Duties

PEPFAR Country Coordinators lead the U.S. Government PEPFAR interagency team in the designated country. They

  • Are responsible for promotion of sustainable country programs;
  • Ensure that the PEPFAR program fits within the regulations of the partner country government and aligns with international policies and recommendations;
  • Are responsible for ensuring accountability, transparency and impact for the U.S. Government resources directed to controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic in country;
  • Communicate U.S. Government policy and technical direction to implementing agency leadership;
  • Coordinate and facilitate the interagency approach to PEPFAR within the U.S. Government;
  • Coordinate and facilitate with PEPFAR implementing agencies on the restructuring, reorienting and recasting of immediate and long range goals, objectives, plans and schedules to meet substantial changes in policy, legislation, program authority and/or funding, and facilitate discussion with the interagency team regarding determinations of projects to be initiated, ended or refocused;
  • Develop annual country operational plans (COPs);
  • Oversee changes in organizational structure;
  • Engage with the interagency process in-country in long range planning in connection with prospective changes in USG funding, policies, and programs;
  • Provide expert guidance and advice to Direct Hire (DH) officers and to Locally Employed (LE) staff who perform reporting and analytical work and provide administrative support;
  • Establish appropriate controls to ensure the integrity—financial, technical, and operational—of all HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care programs implemented pursuant to PEPFAR;
  • Decide, in coordination with the U.S. Embassy leadership and PEPFAR implementing agencies, how best to direct the funds allocated to the country for successful program impact, fully understanding the current levels of expenditure and pipeline, develop budgets, and ensure continued flow of funds necessary to implement the program;
  • Ensure the use of data collection and knowledge-based program management in regard to all aspects (implementation, technology, costing) of treatment, prevention and care strategies;
  • Provide leadership and guidance to other U.S. Government interagency leaders in-country who implement and monitor the PEPFAR program portfolio; and
  • Analyze the unique operational context of the PEPFAR program in the designated country and coordinate the interagency process to establish a vision and strategy for responding to this context within the guidelines of the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (S/GAC) policy and U.S. diplomatic priorities.

Duration of Appointment:

This Limited Non-Career Appointment is initially for 27 months, and may be extended periodically up to a maximum of five years, based on satisfactory performance and the needs of the Service. A PEPFAR Country Coordinator is assigned to a specific U.S. embassy or consulate with the expectation that the PEPFAR Country Coordinator’s appointment will permit completion of a 24 month tour of duty. In the event that there is a continuing Service need, upon completion of the first tour of duty, the PEPFAR Country Coordinator can be assigned to a different U.S. embassy or consulate based on the needs of the Service, provided that the Coordinator maintains a top secret clearance and meets the country-specific and medical clearances for that country.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Requirements

This position requires a highly qualified and experienced individual with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to foster team work, the capacity for strategic thinking, and an understanding of the technical and policy requirements to achieve the PEPFAR goals in the Country. The incumbent must be familiar with and be able to work well in an overseas environment and with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental counterparts. The PEPFAR Country Coordinator must have the following qualifications and demonstrated abilities:

  • Ability to integrate and coordinate HIV/AIDS programs with broader global health and development programs to maximize impact on health systems;
  • Ability to work with partner government to strengthen capacities to lead the response to the epidemic and other health demands;
  • Ability to track large amounts of data and manage complex interagency planning, reporting, and performance processes;
  • Ability to mediate interagency conflicts and facilitate decisions on complex technical, programmatic, strategic and financial issues;
  • Ability to empower PEPFAR team members to apply available resources and expertise to addressing the local epidemic;
  • Capacity to promote sustainable country programs;
  • Capacity to expand prevention, care and treatment in both concentrated and generalized epidemics;
  • Strong interpersonal, teamwork, facilitation and negotiation skills;
  • Strong managerial skills;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Strong capacity to multi-task, including managing, prioritizing and fulfilling competing demands in real time;
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness;
  • Availability and willingness to work outside the regular 40-hour workweek when required/necessary;
  • Willingness to travel to work sites and other offices as/when requested; and
  • Level IV English ability (fluent) is required. The incumbent must possess a high degree of proficiency in both written and spoken English.

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