True Story: Better At the Bottom

I remember talking to with a co-worker about the offer for a promotion our Chief of Staff had presented her.  It was a couple of months ago before the out conversation where the company thought it was about time she stepped and in a position they thought she was well-ready for.  And many people, once in that position, go off, continue their education and gravitate to the position higher than that one.  (It was a healthcare related like corporate ladder.  Start at Level I, then graduate to Level III, so to speak).  I recall being excited for her, because, like everyone else, I believed a promotion was definitely a way to get one’s career flowing and blood pumping through the profession veins.  Who didn’t want to get promoted?

So, when I asked her again about it — asking her whatever became of that promotion — she told me she turned it down.  Oh, you better believed I asked her why.  Why in the hell would you turn down a promotion?

Her answer was simple, and sad, to be honest.  The only thing she would gain in that promotion would be a title.  She would lose her hours, make less money (at Level II than at Level I, if you can believe that) and have much more paperwork (as to be expected).

What kind of promotion have you heard of where you make less money?!  No, seriously.  Think about that for a minute.  Who in their right mind wants to work more for less?!? At first, I thought she was crazy — because, hey, who would turn down a promotion.   When she laid it all out for me, it was our agency that was crazy.  How the hell did they think that was a promotion?  That’s DE-motion!!

‘Here, we’re going to give you a fancy title, pay you less and make you do more.  Oh, and you’re welcome.’


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