Self Employment Opportunity — Novel Writing Course

Writing a great novel is still one of the most popular goal for the average American.

But quite honestly, most people can’t write, don’t know what to write or don’t know where to being.

Groupon solves it all again! Whether you’ve written a book or two or this is your first time, I would definitely check it out.  After all, how many people can say they’re a published writer?  (In LA, that number might be a lot higher than we know, but it’s still nice to flaunt!)

The Deal

$39 for an online Online How to Write a Great Novel certification course ($680 value)

  • Eight core modules and 31 extended lessons
  • Takes 100+ hours to complete, and writers can produce a full novel during the course of the program
  • Uses a combination of theory and practical exercises
  • Lessons include Developing Great Characters; Flashbacks, Foreshadowing & Sub-Plots; Tension Building; Marketing your Novel; Self-Publishing, and more
  • Self-directed pace allows students to learn on their own time, from home
  • Certificate awarded upon completion

Writing & Dreams

Your dream of becoming a published author can become reality thanks to Writing & Dreams’ extensive courses and guidance in the art of writing, which comes from its staff of professional editors and screenplay and story developers. Over 450 customers have reviewed the online classes, which instruct students in the finer parts of constructing a compelling story, such as building tension, varying the narrative, and making every main character a dragon. Armed with the expert knowledge of industry insiders and plenty of unbiased, constructive critique, aspiring writers take the first step on the journey toward rewarding and fulfilling careers as novelists or screenwriters.


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