LA Hiring Fair: Los Angeles Convention Center

I really don’t like job and career fairs.  From personal experience, they are more costly than they are beneficial.

The time, the gas, the copies of your resume printed and handed  — there is absolutely no return on your energy and effort that makes a hiring fair even worth it.  But, far be it from me to stop anyone dying to go with my not-so-pleasant attitude.

However, I do welcome anyone who wants to share their experience of the hiring fair that will take place this Friday, March 27th.  Tell me:

  • Were you hired on the spot?
  • Did you get an interview?
  • Did someone there get an interview?
  • Did someone else there get hired on the spot?
  • How many times where you told by recruiters to submit your résumé or CV online?
  • Did you talk to any hiring decision-makers?
  • Were any of the representatives there in a position to hire you on the spot or after the fair?
  • How résumés did you hand out?
  • How many other candidates did you talk to you?
  • How long did you have to wait in line just to hand someone your résumé before you moved onto the next booth?
  • Was it fun?


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