Regional Medical Laboratory — Worldwide

Position Title: Foreign Service Regional Medical Laboratory Scientist (RMLS) – (Formerly Regional Medical Technologist)
Open Period: 03/20/2015 – 04/16/2015
Series/Grade: FP – 0644 – 05
Salary: $43,812 – $64,339
Promotion Potential: FP-02
Duty Locations: MANY vacancies throughout the world


Serving as a Regional Medical Laboratory Scientist (RMLS) in support of the employees of the United States Government and their eligible family members, a medical laboratory scientist works in conjunction with other Foreign Service medical personnel. Regional Medical Laboratory Scientist duties include implementing the following responsibilities at each post assigned:

Supervising instrument management and procedures: Manages laboratory, performs testing, collects blood, oversees send-out testing, updates technology, performs cost analysis, implements MED polices, performs on-call duty, etc.
Training and supervising: Instructs how to perform tests, communicates information, instructs on sanitation inspections, presents food safety classes, instructs on specimen collection, writes safety plan, supervises laboratory staff, provides evaluation input, etc.
Assuring quality: Monitors quality control programs, uses computer programs, maintains U.S. standards, reviews proficiency testing program, assesses competency of health unit staff, updates skills, maintains ServSafe® manager certification, liaises for health unit with local laboratories, advises local laboratory professionals.
Performing regional duties: Makes travel arrangements, visits regional posts, assesses local diagnostic testing facilities and blood banks, communicates with regional posts, assists with hiring, conducts sanitation inspections, submits reports, searches for means of reliable testing, collaborates with other organizations, designates laboratories for testing biological hazards, collaborates with the Center for Disease Control, arranges for continuing education, etc.
Addressing environmental issues: Determines corrective action, tests water for bacteria, addresses other environmental issues, etc.
Foreign Service Regional Medical Laboratory Scientists are considered essential personnel and are on call to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In addition to the general requirements for employment in the Foreign Service, an applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree, be certified by a national certification agency, and have the specified experience as outlined below. In addition, the applicant must be able to pass a writing skills assessment that may be conducted following successful completion of the initial review stage and qualifications review panel. The panel will recommend the most competitive candidates be invited to participate in an oral assessment, and at that time, the candidate will draft an essay, which will evaluate command of English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and thought content. This is explained further in our website,, under Selection Process. Applicant must have a minimum of:

a Bachelor’s degree in medical technology, clinical laboratory science, chemistry, or biological science that must include 16 semester hours (24 quarter hours) of biological science (with one semester in microbiology), 16 semester hours (24 quarter hours) in chemistry (with one semester in organic or biochemistry), one semester/quarter of mathematics from a regionally accredited university or college; and,
completion of a National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS)/Commission of Accreditation of Allied Health Education (CAAHEP) medical technology/CLS program OR five years of fulltime clinical laboratory experience in blood banking, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology and clinical microscopy in the U.S./Canada or a CAP/Joint Commission/AABB/CMS approved accredited laboratory within the last ten years. At least two years of the clinical laboratory experience must be under the supervision of a pathologist (certified by the American Board of Pathology) or a board certified medical scientist and a certified medical technologist/scientist; and,
a passing score on a national certification examination; and,
at least four years of laboratory experience as a Generalist Medical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist in a clinical laboratory after certification. The four years of experience must be within the last five years; and,
a current registration as a Medical Laboratory Scientist or Medical Technologist.


Education, work experience and other qualifications are evaluated for evidence of the following knowledge, skills, abilities and other requirements that have been identified as important to successful job performance as a Regional Medical Laboratory Scientist (RMLS) based on extensive job analysis research.

Not all of these attributes need to be met by a candidate; the attributes will be used as a set to evaluate candidates.

Knowledge of medical laboratory equipment, the Federal Regulations governing clinical laboratories and testing to include: CLIA 88, OSHA requirements for safety in the clinical laboratories and health clinics, US accreditation requirements, phlebotomy, computers and Microsoft Office, Quality System Essentials (QSEs) and Quality Management guidelines, International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations, medical laboratory tests, laboratory management, food safety guidelines, water testing methods and standards, and, Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) guidelines for all testing.
Specialized skills in performing laboratory tests, performing phlebotomy, analyzing, observing, interviewing, public speaking, organizing, supervising, networking, customer service.
General skills in operations monitoring, systems analysis, systems evaluation, quality control analysis, equipment maintenance, equipment selection, science, reading comprehension, active learning, coordination, time management, critical thinking, complex problem solving, judgment and decision making, service orientation, instructing, persuasion, social perceptiveness, mathematics, active listening, writing, speaking.
Other attributes including tolerance of travel, worldwide available, tolerance of living overseas, tolerance of living away from family, teamwork and cooperation, empathetic personality, self motivated/sufficient, physical endurance, etc.


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