Education vs. Experience

I absolutely love that question: how can I get experience if no one will hire me? I love this question because I’ve been there. Fresh out of college, degree in one hand, hopes in the other, only to find out all those years in college felt such a waste in the current job market. It seemed like no one was hiring and those that were only wanted candidates with relevant experience. And I had none. But I found the answer to that questions. Although it took me some odd jobs and two years after the fact to find that answer, there is a least one way I know to get the experience to get hired.

A Black Girl About Town

I recently read an article about the closing of one U.S. college. The article also predicted that more schools would be closing over the next few years. Part of this is related to declining enrollment rates. Students are worried about being in debt as well as the possibility of not landing a job after; all very reasonable concerns.

It’s a very sobering feeling when you’ve worked so hard at something, dedicating your time and depleting your resources, only to be doing something totally opposite of what you went to school for. I know this feeling all too well as documented in my guest blog post, “What College Didn’t Teach Me.”

The never ending question that I and many others in this predicament have is this: How can I get the experience if no one will hire me?

Many job postings that I come across require sometimes three to…

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