Extra Income/ Part Time Solicitation


Have you ever been solicited by a family member or friend to take part in a supposed part time opportunity to earn extra money? And the strange thing is they never tell you what it is you would have to do until you say yes or show some kind of interest. Much of the time, I found these to be some sort of multilevel marketing pyramid, which someone got roped into and now they must round up others to begin seeing a paycheck. A huge pet peeve of mine, for hopefully, obvious reasons.

I’m all for people doing what they got to move up professionally, but I’ve just never been a fan of MLM structures. The idea that you have sell to the people closest to you, getting them to believe just as much as you, often later alienating yourself from them because what started out as a harmful introduction to your company’s products or services has turned more aggressive as you fight to make your quota. A true salesmanship platform — for people who really don’t know how to sell.  Not to mention, its a fell-into line of work. People aim to start MLM companies, not really join them. And yet, there are people out there everyday selling, B2B marketing, supposedly making it work. But I’ve always wondered, if the level of success and income potential is as unlimited as they say, why aren’t  more and more people signing up? And why isn’t everyone  bring home thousands of dollars a week?


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