To Whom It May Concern

I typically hate starting with “To Whom It May Concern”, but when I don’t know who I’m writing and the person is asking for a general letter of recommendation from me, I work with what I got.  And when writing a letter of recommendation, it’s those only salutation aptly appropriate.


To Whom It May Concern:

Over the past eight years I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicholas —- in both a

collegiate and professional setting. I have been his classmate and his co-founder. I have

worked alongside him, I have worked for him and I have worked in opposition to him. All of

which has afforded me an insight to how Nicholas works, builds and conceptualizes.

Nicholas has always been an advocate collaborative efforts never shying away from taking the

leadership role. Nicholas takes great pride in perfection, even scrutinizing a process more

carefully and taking more time. There is something about having his name associated with a

project that fuels him to the overall project a reflection of the best f himself. Nicholas is about

contributing more than what’s expected of him and strives to raised that standard each time.

While establishing BestBuds, which would later be aptly name America’s Best Farms, Nicholas

had a vision of taking the current urban lifestyle during the 2008 economic toil and pairing with

the idealism of local nutrition via community gardens. His goal for the organization was to help

those that would be suffering most financially have access to organic foods to aid in the

prevention of illnesses that can be staved off through proper nutrition. And Nicholas hit the

ground running. He made contacts with local government officials, interested investors, and

the general public through networking and social media marketing.

Any organization looking to include Nicholas —– among their fold, will find more than a

member simply looking to blend in. They will someone who has no qualms about taking the

role of leader, continually producing more and connecting with like-minded and proactive

individuals. They will find that Nicholas is someone who has high standards and aims to deliver

on them every time.

Warm Regards,


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