Performance Reviews


I remember the first time an employer schedule an performance review for everyone in my department.  They were a month late doling them out, they didn’t tell anyone until the day of, and didn’t make copies until we asked one.  And this was at a place I liked. Liked, not loved.

And I remember having asked for this performance review twice before actually getting it.  At the time, a lot of transitions had been going with the company, so it kept getting pushed back.  So when I finally sat down with my supervisors, I walked away disappointed.

It wasn’t a compensation review, so I wasn’t going to be getting a raise.  They have give me my review the week of my 10th month anniversary, which means I was gonna have to wait another six months before I saw a raise. And some their marks were unfair. I had documentation to contradict their evaluation. But rather than debate where I stood with them, I listened.  I listened to all their feedback, all the reasoning and that they about our department as a whole.

And as I pleasantly thanked, I thought to myself, in six months I better not be here.

It wasn’t that I got stiff on the raise or that I would pass my one year anniversary before  I saw a raise. I got valuable feedback about what my supervisors thought about my work ethic and performance at a job I really didn’t care for.  And maybe my worked showed a little of that to them.  But when I was sitting in that room with going over the point system, I realized how much I could excel in a role I actually  wanted to be.  How much accepting I would be of an evaluation for a position I’ve  been dying to be in.

I wasn’t going to give them six months for another check in.  I was going to give myself six months to use this performance, to harness my strengths and find the role I  would excel in because I wanted to be there.

Not everyone would  think to treat their performance review as such, but you take from it what you want.


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