Resumes aren’t dead

Résumés are absolutely not dead. Not just because I write résumés, but because they are the physical documentation that can take someone from a low wage earning position to the career of their dreams. Because of their résumé? No, because of WHAT their résumé conveys to interested employers. It speaks of their skills, their development and even their earning potential.

Résumés are definitely not dead .

Job Seeking Adventures

Turn on the Internet and people see time and time again that resumes and cover letters are dead…they are no longer…you don’t need them…don’t worry about writing them…that’s not true. No longer are they THE only way you will get a job, but are job seeking tools that must exist with additional vital tools, such as LinkedIn, personal networking, (business cards in hand), the Internet, phone calls, emails, and recruiters/headhunters. Often, resumes are required for job fairs, to meet with headhunters, and put online to existing and potential openings to companies of interest.

Hiring managers need facts and specifics. They need job histories, education, licenses, skills and experience. Since ATS—Applicant Tracking Software—is the first stop in response to an open job ad, it needs a resume to read and compare. Since HR gatekeepers are often the first point of human contact, they must be able to compare the job description to the…

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