Why Do Would I Want to Learn How to Build Websites?

I remember having this conversation with a coworker of mine and I’m still  shocked she let these words fall from her mouth.

She basically stated in a question why would she want to learn a how to build website. This question came after me telling her about the coding classes I was taking after work and how excited I was to have a new skill under belt.  But she was so unphased at the idea of learning how to build and design websites that I was shocked.  And not because I thought she should change  careers (although she should), but learning new technical skills gives you an edge in today’s job market. Not too mention, you can have a little side gig going earning extra monies!!!  You can put those new skills to work for almost immediately.

No, she told me that she wanted to work with kids and make a difference.

Let’s be honest here for a second. Social work is dead! Not literally, but almost. It’s  the worst field to get into. Has the highest burnout rate, pays next to nothing for the time invested to be a person of real value.  And it has one of the highest work related stress environments. Who the fu– who in their right mind who would to go to school, spend all their time and money, to be stressed out and broke…willingly?!? 

Because you want to do some good in this world?

How about start a business, give people jobs and careers and help them financially help themselves? That’s way more good if you ask me.

Let me get off my rant real quick and get to my point.

New skills are always wonderful to pick up.  Especially technical skills. And they pay more. Which means they pay down debt and pay for nice things.  Don’t short change yourself just because you can’t see right away how it fits in your greater scheme of things.  Be open to career opportunities as along as they’re opportunities .


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