Customer Service Oriented Résumé


I gotta say, this wasn’t a badly written résumé at all. You may see a lot of red and arrows, but some of that is organizational and a few outdated pieces, like having “references available upon request “. Yeah, no. Some employers don’t ask, so don’t tell. Also, objectives are out, summaries are in.  One thing that bothers the hell out of me: if your most recent employment role is current, don’t use past tense language.  It’s poor grammar and will get you tossed to the reject pile.

And remember, education follows experience most of the time.  It’s great that he’s enrolled in community college, but if he wants his academia to be the statement of his résumé, his ass needed to be enrolled in a graduate program  (MBA, JD, PhD), just saying.

You’ll see the finish soon.


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