Need A Miracle

“I need a miracle with my [résumé] please, thank u again for your help.”

-Current Client

I wish I was a miracle worker, hell!  Can you say lap of luxury?!

But truth is, I really enjoy transforming people’s résumés from average to prospect. And from prospect to top candidate.  It’s not that I enjoy résumés and technical terms.  I enjoy writing. I enjoy storytelling in its most personal and marketable form.  I’m helping someone tell their career, essentially as best as we can.  We. I can’t tell their story without them. But I can help them tell it.

Where they’ve been, what they’ve learned, how they’ve learned it, what they already knew, what they’re aspiring to and where they want to go.

Yes, a résumé is marketing tool.  It’s also a marketing story.


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