That Fake Tiredness


(photo credit: @the_dLL)

I have this friend who would tell me this kind of bullshit all the time about how tired she was.  As of now, she’s finally and and working and stuff.   A few months ago she started working steadily for the first time in over 5 years.  Had been living off of family and friends.  I think the longest I’ve know her to work during those five years was one week.  And that was because her aunt helped her get a temp job. Other than that, no steady work. And she hadn’t been laid or fired before that.  She had been working on starting a business.

Yes, I’m an advocate for anyone who wants to be self employed, please don’t tell me that waking up at 6am so you can sit at Starbucks for 8 hours with your laptop is working. And for all that time she was so focused on building a business, it never got off the ground.  She spent people’s money talking about a business while sitting at Starbucks.

I started my business by still working for someone else.  And taking night classes.  It’s called hustling.  And not every has the drive  to do for their dreams.

And trust me, you’re not tired until you’ve put in the time.  Until you’re actually on a grind.


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