Giving Your 2 Week Notice #1

Not all of us are prepared to give our two weeks notice to our employer.  Some of us don’t even plan on giving any notice till our last day.  And that could be your way of giving said employer a big F.U.  Hey, do you.  But for the rest of us with some kind of game plan, here’s a resignation tip straight from the mouth of a Vice-President of Human Resources that I know of:

Quit/Terminate/ Resign (however you want to color it) at the beginning of the month.  Why?  If you’re a full-time employee and you have health insurance with your employer, you get to keep it till the end of the month.    So, if your last last were to be, say, Friday Nov. 6th of this year, your insurance would last till the 30th.  That’s 24 extra days your employer is paying for your health insurance and you’re not even at the office.  You still have to pay co-pays, but hey, it beats the alternative.

That’s a piece of information that’s nice to know, especially, if you have another job lined up and their insurance doesn’t kick in right away. Or, even if you don’t have another job waiting for you, you’re still covered for some time.

Quit early rather than quit late.


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