Be Full…

I know by now many of us have had our fill of a hearty Thanksgiving dinner. Mashed potatoes, candied yams, cornbread stuffing, baked macaroni, green bean casserole, honeyed ham, roasted turkey, collard greens, and cranberry  sauce.

Dayum!  Just thinking about dinner again makes me want to go and start round 3!

Before I get carried away, I would like everyone to find a reason to be ‘full’ and not because of the food.

Be grateful — of all that you have.
Be mindful — of your actions and where you’re going in this life.
Be powerful — in all that you do.
Be careful — how you treat others and how you let others treat you.
Be respectful — of what you receive and what you give.
Be cheerful — because you got to see another day.
Be joyful — knowing that you continue to come out on the other side.
Be thankful — because you are still in control of your, your life and it’s direction.

Happy Thanksgiving and may you be abundantly full.


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