Weirdest Question I Was Ever Asked on an Interview…

… what makes me cry?

Seriously.  A prospect employer asked me this question during an 1.5 hour long interview.  And although I love when employers asked me questions that aren’t part of the usual suspect line-up, this one threw for a loop.  Two things came to mind when I was asked this:

  1. If hired, is he at any point planning to make me cry?
  2. How honest should I be here, because the things that do make me cry are very personal.

I did answer the question to the best of ability — and what I mean by that — I answered it honestly keeping in mind that I was still being interviewed for a professional role and not having a session with a psychiatrist.  And I’ve noticed that better employers and better places to work at will do that.  They will try to get in your head as best they can, because they obviously want to hire the best person for the position they’re seeking to fill.  They’re going to be spending good money on bringing and keeping someone in their company, they want to make sure they understand as much us as they need to.

What’s the weirdest interview question you’ve ever been asked?


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