2016 — We Made It!

Yes, we made it.  We got see another year.

Happy New Year’s to you all.

And with keeping the spirit of being humble, yes we made it.  How many people did not live to see 2016?  Not trying to be morbid or depressing here, but it’s a reality.  Even Ms. Natalia Cole herself did not survive to see this new year and we did.  That’s something to be thankful for.  That’s something to remember when we make our resolutions.  That’s something to keep in mind we set goals for ourselves this year, no matter how small or lofty they are.

As a matter of fact, that’s probably why we should make goals EVERY year.  Because we don’t know which year will be our last.  I’m not trying to be motivational.   Just want to keep everything in perspective.

So, if you do nothing else this year, if you make no resolutions, at least make one promise to yourself.  Be better.  What ever it is you’re doing or hope to do.  Be better.  Go into this year — every year — aiming to be better.


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