Do It Anyways

The brutal truth is that most companies we’ll apply to during our professional journey are nothing like the companies you’ll find in an Inc. Magazine article listed under “Best Places to Work”. They are not going to provide tuition assistance.  They are not going to administer performance reviews as often as they’ve stipulated. They are not going regularly recognize employees’ great work. They will be quick to reprimand.  They are not going invest in continual, consistent and complete training to improve employee knowledge, policy understanding or growth.  When they hire you, they are looking for someone to fill a role they need occupied more than finding someone whose talents exceed that position.

It’s the brutal truth. For many companies, you are seat at a chair, a body at a desk assigned a role with a short-term focused but a long-term dependency (somewhat).

And yet, we hear about investing in ourselves to attract “ideal” employers we’ll ever rarely come across. Continuing education courses. Workshops. Seminars. Network events. Hobbies. Volunteering. However we choose to invest in our professional growth, we’re advised to do so. But why? How often will we cross path with a dream employer? When will we find that career that meets our skills and vice versa?

Who knows.

But invest in yourself anyways. Take YOU seriously regardless. Promote yourself.  Shine without the award.

It’s not a wait, it’s an investment and the reward is worthwhile.


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