LinkedIn Profile: Claims Processing Manager

Below is LinkedIn Profile summary I created for a recent client of mine.  I used his resume, the letter about the promotion he received from his employers last years and his company website this to draft this summary for him.

“Bobby is an experienced insurance professional with over 10 years in claims processing and operations.  He has served many functions that have supported the operations of the Claims Department including advising the design of the user interface for data entry applications and the database for the System Operations Department, tracked and monitored previous and ongoing trends in claims processing and prepared analysis documents of production claim counts.  His commitment to serving clients with both accuracy and efficiency is one of the many reasons his skill set and knowledge was selected for the supervisory role of Claims Processing Manager.

With tenure and expertise, Bobby was a key member in the outsourcing of business processes.   Beyond analyzing, auditing and processing claims, Bobby guides and manages a collaborative effort in the Claims Department to be well-organized, precise and committed to the highest level of customer service for every client, external or internal.  Unifying the company’s efforts and goals presented him with a promotion in 2015 that recognized him for his leadership and innovation.  It takes foresight and dedication to successfully serve a market as large as insurance and maintain the results that contribute repeat and new business.  Bobby’s experience and knowledge serves more than his department, but his organization and the clients that are their members.”


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