Another Unwelcomed (Questionable) Job Opening Email


Hope all is well! To start off, this is a broad email merge that collects resumes based off key words entered in my search. So I do apologize in advance if it does not fit or match your background because I am sure you get emails from recruiters all day that do not fit your skill set.

To introduce myself, my name is Nick and I’m a recruiter with TTI of USA. I am working on the role below, please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested. We do pay referral fees. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day!

Tittle: Assistant manger
Duration: 12 months on w2 without benefit ,
Location: Universal city,CA

Qualifications: Candidates must be able to work under strict deadlines. Candidates must also be very detail oriented/ driven / strong computer skills especially Excel/ college degree preferred. Accounting, finance, and/or legal background required. Candidates must also mesh well with a very strong and tight team.
Responsibilities: Key Responsibilities Administer and effectively manage TV output, volume & package deals for a number of designated territories. Provide availability lists to sales or directly to TV clients, per contractual obligations within our long term TV license agreements and per ad hoc requests from sales. Establish direct relationships with TV clients & assist them with queries/needs that arise. Send legally binding notices ( product inclusion & product selections letters ) to clients per contractual obligations. Ensure all contractual obligations and deadlines are met. Research rights and confirm eligibility of product for inclusion into TV deals. Create, tailor and track product offer lists and TV availability grids for theatrical and non theatrical feature product. Input and track EST & VOD licenses using SAFE database (or new systems as they become available), price product, process deals internally and obtain deal approvals. Liaise with home video and international theatrical divisions regarding dating and local acquisitions Work closely with Distribution to ensure timely delivery of product and ensure coordination between Sales, Finance and Distribution on permissible shipping dates for new sales. Create annual sales projections for long term deals based on the eligibility criteria of each deal and the schedule of each territory, to support financial projections. Additional Responsibilities Liaise internally with Legal, Finance and Marketing. Assist in the Sales budgeting process/financial forecasts by media and territory Track production budgets/negative costs/box office figures/admission figures/number of prints/air dates etc of theatrical or television product per contractual requirements. Assist on ad hoc projects and perform other related duties as requested by Management and provide support to sales administration colleagues.
Skills: No record(s) found.
Education: No record(s) found.

(Why do some recruiters think this method  of ‘recruiting’  is okay in this modern day and age, I will never know.  But whenever someone looking to fill a role apologizes in the first paragraph of email communication to you because they are already aware you maybe be uninterested, unsubscribe and keep moving.  A company that’s not willing to take to the time to investigate if you — THE INDIVIDUAL — are an ideal candidate, that’s not a company you want to be at.) 


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