Salesperson (for Fashion Magazine) – Los Angeles

I just concluded a meeting with the Editor-in-Chief and Photographer of LA Dancer Magazine (some exciting things going on there) and she was telling me about some wonderful opportunities coming her way and how she’s excited about the elements coming her way for the magazine.  (How did I meet her?  At an Worthy Women event here in Los Angeles — yes, it was a networking opportunity, hint hint).  And as we were talking about things, she mentioned a role she’s looking to fill, not surprising for businesses that are growing.

She’s looking for a salesperson to help expand her advertising client base.  She’s only looking for one salesperson at the moment, as she is comfortable with the roles of everyone else on her team.  However, this particular opportunity is pretty interesting.  It’s commission based, but negotiable.  Yes, negotiable.  She’s looking for someone who thrives off of making sales and communicating with people.  Of all the people she’s  interviewed for this position, everyone wants an hourly wage ($10/hr).  She wants someone who knows the earning potential they can make with commissions as well as sell her product, the magazine.

If you know anyone who is interested or maybe you’re interested, or just want more information, give me a ring @ 424.234.6819.  I’ve included the link to the website above so you can see if this is a venture you’d like to support.  If you have any other (ideally, related) questions, you can hit me up with those too.


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