LinkedIn Profile: Founder/ CEO

For over 10 years, S—- P—- has served as Agent18’s Founder and CEO. Agent18 began creating a reputation for its work after the company designed and engineered the first hard plastic case for the iPod Mini Gen 1 and the first sliding form factor for the iPhone Gen 1 for Apple retail stores.
Under P–’s leadership, Agent18 established cohesive teams in both the US and in China. The team in the States handles the organization’s Sales & Marketing, Operations, Engineering and Creative Design. The team in China, provides the Product Development, Engineering, Quality Control and Logistics. P— has built and nurtured retail relationships with household names such as Amazon, Target, Apple, BestBuy, Walmart, Staples, Kohl’s and Urban Outfitters.
P— derived his success from his formed role at Harman International, Inc. as an Electrical Engineer and Engineering Program Manager. During his tenure at Harman, P— worked on consumer and multimedia projects that included: the Intermezzo 1.2s powered subwoofer amplified design, the Harmon Speaker Line, JBL Outdoor Speaker, JBL Duet II, JBL On-Tour and multiple Toshiba laptop speaker programs.
P–’s previous experience and projects has allowed him to modernized Agent18’s product lines: cables, cases, batteries, computer bags, tablet cases and sleeves and screen films. All of which have permitted the expansion of Agent18 to delve into designing and developing private label brand products.


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