True Story: Copy Cat

I was closing the office one night and had been job-hunting towards the end of my day when most of everyone had left for the day. In the middle of my search and replying to jobs I felt qualified for, I started to print copies of my résumé to have on hand in case I was called for any interviews.  All of a sudden, the copier had stopped working and I was only left with the few copies I had successfully collected. I had tried “reprinting” thinking that would get the copier fired up again.  What I didn’t know was that the copier  had run out of paper which is why it stopped printing (I thought it was a paper jam. And had checked all the slots and found nothing). So rather than check to see if the printing jobs I  sent were still logged on the copier, I took my few résumé copies, closed the office and went home.

I came in the next morning to find the remaining bunch of my résumés faced down on my desk. My heart skipped a beat — shit! Who knows I’ve been making copies of résumés?  Shit! Who knows I’m lookong for another job? Turns out one of the women (luckily, I was on good terms with and who normally comes in early) had produced the rest of my copies when she loaded the machine back up with paper.  She came over to me in a low voice explaining how my printing job had finished before it had completed her job. She put my copies of my résumé on my desk because she knew I probably didn’t want anyone to know.  Last thing I wanted was upper management to know I was looking to jump ship.

She understood. She had just made 10 copies of her résumé that morning too.


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