I’ve added a number of posts for readers to  look into opportunities to beef  up their resumes and make themselves more desirable to prospect employers.  Because the truth of the matter, every can detail their 9-to-5 with job descriptions and duties.  But how many people can intrigue an employer with what they do with their 5-to-9; that time their off the clock.

I’ll be the first the advocate that it’s no employer’s business to know what you do off the clock as long as you’re not compromising the integrity of the company you’re working for or will work for.  What you do with your time is your business.  And yet, that is a common interview: How do you spend your time?   Employers — for some nosy reason — want to know how you spend your time off the clock as well as on.  I’m sure it’s a used as  perception as to how you manage your time and how productive your are and of course, validates your professional aims and goals.

Well, if they really want to know all that, give it to them.  But give it to yourself first.  There are so many ways we can advance to where we want to be in our lives professionally and so many of us either don’t know where to start, where to look or know if it’ll cost them anything.  Start here:

  • General Assembly (located in Santa Monica, now with a Downtown LA location)  — Although I haven’t taken many classes here, I’m a fan.  I will say, if you’re on a budget, you might want to circle back to General Assembly once you saved up.
    • part-time Data Analyis Circuit course; offered online; July 8th – Sept. 6th; $1,250 (Mode Behavior)
    • PR 101: Small Business Publicity; Santa Monica, July 16th; $45
  • Los Angeles City College (East Hollywood-ish)  — I’ve taken several courses here.  Not just a place for college classes to transfer to a university, but they offer one-day community classes to get your feet wet in just about anything you’re interested in
    • Microsoft Excel for Windows; Jun. 27th (10am-4pm); $85
    • CPR Certification, Jun. 28th; $92
  • Coursehorse (Sign up, Attend in person) — They too offer many community one classes and discounts for future classes if you register for a class with them; They offer classes at LACC & General Assembly
  • MeetUp(All Over Los Angeles) Maybe not the first place you’d think of for inexpensive or free career related information, but it is.  You don’t always have to be a member of said group, but there are many membership requirements for some of the free info.  And you do have to be a MeetUp member to view the group offerings.
  • Coursea —  (Online Only) Not my favorite of all the skill training opportunities out there, but with the option to earn a certificate — for a fee — it can and does serve those who interests lies with their offerings
    • Intro To Finance, Oct. 15th – Jan. 24th
    • Programming for Everyone; Oct. 5th – Dec. 13th

I will continue to add to this list as I come across useful career nabbing tools any and everyone has access too.If you know anymore and or have suggestions or, hell, want to know what I think, just shoot me an email at resumemojo@gmail.com.  I’ll be more than happy to chat with you.


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