Not everyone wants an office job.   Not everyone wants to park their rear end in some cubicle, read through 200+ emails as a to-do list and wait for the clock to strike 5:00pm.  Trust me, I know.   Been there, done that, rocked the t-shirt.

Some of us are more into doing our own thing on our time charging our dime.  It’s better for us.  It’s more creative and freeing outlet than any job at any company could offer us.  And with that being said, I will be collecting a list of ongoing freelance and short time gigs for those who work better at their own pace with their own set of skills.  None of the following below is a guarantee — nothing in life is — they are merely opportunities.  The list will grow as more genuine opportunities come along.

  • Naming Force/ Logo Force
    • An online site that allows you to pitch your ideas for company names and logo designs to real business willing to pay for you creative juices.  And it’s free to sign up!